Meet Andrew.

Although I usually refrain from writing about “family” stuff (at least since Julie launched her own independent, competing blog!) it would be appropriate to write a little note about our newest addition – Andrew James Donahue.

Andrew was born in Portland, ME last Monday at 6:30pm, weighing in at 9lbs, 7oz.  We ended up doing a repeat c-section after 20 hours of in-hospital labor, and stayed there until Thursday.  He was born with low blood sugar (not unusual for bigger babies) so they  immediately fed him formula – and they needed to prick his foot to test again before each feeding for the first couple days.  He is now doing great, and Julie is recovering really well also (although she can’t drive anywhere for 4 – 6 weeks while she recuperates).

Amelia is having a rough time adjusting, but she has also had to deal with being away from us for the whole week (she stayed with Julie’s parents) and is teething again — she is drooling, has a runny nose, eats her fingers, and spends 90% of the days in tears.

For more pics, check out Facebook or Flickr.

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