Just Another Conversation

Julie and I had a brief conversation this afternoon that was both anti-dramatic and failed to deviate in the least from our normal sort of conversation.  I found it enjoyable nonetheless.

The office door opens and Julie appears; a wide-eyed. pig-tailed 1-year-old peers out from behind her leg.

“Hey Joe, What do you want for dinner?”

Myself, only half-looking-up from the careful formatting I am applying to my newly-created document.

“Roasted duck, with seared asparagus and a light cream sauce.”

Julie, unimpressed.

“So, pasta with a meat sauce?”


It’s a good day.

In other news we had another uneventful trip to the doctor’s office this morning.  Like our conversation this afternoon, uneventful is a glorious success.  Julie (“We”) is (“are”) not quite half-way through the pregnancy yet, but, as Julie has been telling me lately, “Our baby is the size of an avacado!”

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