I’ve Moved.

That’s right, the rumors are true. I’ve moved.

Joedonahue.org has been dormant these last couple months as I have migrated my blog from one web host to another, and tonight it is finally up and running.

I’ve also stopped going to grad school full-time, quit my job, packed up everything we own, and moved 1500 miles to Maine. Now we are starting a new chapter in our lives where I am the Youth Pastor at the Lisbon Falls Church of the Nazarene and doing contract web development while Julie is a SAHM (Stay-at-home-Mom).  Amelia is still… well, Amelia.  Although, she says “Dad” now and likes to dance with me.

Although this isn’t really news since Julie has posted about a hundred blog entries since we’ve arrived, I feel like I had to say it.

Snow Camp Registration: $45
24pk of Mountain Dew: $7
Getting punched in the face while playing volleyball by one of my teens: priceless.

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