Funhouse Pizza and Hector wins MVP

I enjoy my routine of naming posts with two things that happened and are completely unrelated, yet conjoined nonetheless. It’s good times.
Tuesday brought with it an email from my wife, asking me to join her that evening at the local Tires Plus. It was a thrill to accept her offer and so I went, down unknown roads and previously untraversed ways to pick her up from where she had dropped off her car for a few hundred dollars worth of brake repairs. Also good times. While we waited we went to Funhouse Pizza and Pub, which was a strange experience. It’s a sports bar with a few really old quarter-driven carousel type devices in it. At one point a man came in with his kids and, after sending them over to the motorized horse, remarked to himself “This place was my favorite when I was a kid!” – Which both makes me wonder about the age of the equipment as well as how often he got out of the house as a child if his favorite place was the bar where his parents took him. It was pretty ghetto, but the pizza was really good. We were told they had the best pizza around, and I won’t argue it.
This morning was interesting as I was walking up to the formal lounge at NTS to work on some Greek, as the excellent student that I am, when I noticed that the other chapel-skippers were predominantly ENC’ers, and I had to join them. One Andrew Fey and I ended up playing foosball against a couple of guys who looked like they were pretty serious about the game, so I was getting ready to be completely embarrassed but we did good and won the two games we played!! It was all thanks to naming the guys on our team, and my offensive line was Jose, Hector, and Andreas. I laughed so hard, it was great. Hector scored like three in a row and Andy and I were like ‘Go Hector! You’re the MVP!!’
::whew:: I need to wipe the tears from my eyes. Good great.
Everything else is pretty normal. I think I am going to get together with Dave, Steve and/or Andy tonight, but as of right now there is no plan. So, it will probably happen.

P.S. – After reading this entry, Devastatin’ Dave sent me an email with this remark:

Be strong with the ladies if I don’t rescue you. It is entirely appropriate to meander through the living room in your boxers, drink some milk from the bottle and then stumble back to the office while your house is full of women.

I want to say “I am ALWAYS strong with the ladies!” but I can’t tell if it is in appropriate or not.

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