Doctor’s appointment and a new milestone

So I went to my SECOND doctor’s appointment today. They said it was too soon to hear the baby’s heartbeat. Maybe next month!! I really want to wait until I hear the heartbeat before I spill the beans at my job. I’m hoping that by next month I will be able to tell my boss and the members of my unit at work. It’s getting pretty difficult to hide my “secret”.

Especially when I’m throwing up in my office. Yep, that’s right. I hit a new milestone today. I threw up my applesauce in my office at work. Luckily my unit members that sit right outside my office door had already left for the day. I got some air freshner to “hide the evidence” and the program manager asked me what had happened. I told her that I had some bad applesauce. She asked me if I was pregnant!! Geesh. Just one more month and I’ll be able to officially break the news.
Joe and I broke the news to the members of our small group and some other friends yesterday. We understand that this is still a little early but we can use all the prayers and support we can get. Even if I do end up having a misscarriage, I’ll be glad to have a shoulder to lean on during that time.

We also sent letters to the parents. Premature? Maybe, but we can’t tell our church family without telling our immediate families can we? We probably just suck at keeping secrets. God willing, everything will turn out okay.

The doctor told me that my bloodwork and everything is fine. We discovered that I am RH negative so that’s just another thing I get to worry about. That too will work itself out I’m sure. He also told me I have high blood pressure. What ME?!?!?!? What would ever bring that on I wonder? Geesh.

That’s about it for today. My next appointment isn’t until December 4, 2006. I’m sure that it will fly by because my parents and sisters are coming down for ten days toward the end of November for Thanksgiving. That will give me something to look forward to.

Oh, also, the Haney’s and my sister Crystal have helped to name the baby until it is born. It is officially “Cletus Pickle”. I kind of like it 🙂 Maybe we’ll keep that name if it’s a boy…

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