Daycare Blues

So my coworker Beth and I went Daycare hunting this past week. It looks like we should have done this months ago (maybe even six or eight months ago!) There are HUGE waiting lists for all the good daycare centers close to my work. One place that we signed up for advised us that there is officially a two-year waiting list! Beth and I both got on a waiting list for a really nice daycare center less than a half a mile from our job. They promised us each a spot for March of 2008! My baby will be approximately 9 months old, but hey, its something! I was also promised a spot for another day care center that I’m not quite as thrilled about but it too is less than a mile from my job. They promised me a spot for the first of August (of 2007 thankfully). At least I know that I will have somewhere for my baby to go when I have to go back to work.

Just a tip for all you ladies who might be THINKING about trying to get pregnant: Get on the list now! Most of the babies at the really nice day care centers were on the waiting list before they were even conceived. I never would have thought…

I wish we were back in Maine…I’m really going to miss the family support. But we do have a great church family and supportive friends at work so I think we’re going to do okay… (Not to mention Auntie Crystal who is already planning to do the majority of the babysitting!)

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