A Guest and the Gilmore Girls

Joe and I had to pick my sister Amy up at the airport last night so of course I had to TAPE Gilmore Girls so that we could watch it later 🙂 We have big plans for Amy today, lunch at the Publishing House, Shopping at the Plaza and then perhaps some KC BBQ later on! I haven’t seen any of my lovely sisters since June and it’s nice to have family around. (this would be a great place to post the picture of Amy and Sara D. with the wine charms up their noses, Joe-Help me out!)

I was excited that I would have Amy here to help me cook for Thanksgiving Dinner, but as my mother says:

It’s the Blind Leading the Blind.

We’ll make you proud Mom, I promise! We’ll let you know how it turns out!

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  1. Yeah, we should scan in all those pics from the disposable cameras and put them on here. We should also contact the photographer and see if we can upload some of her pics on here.

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